Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Trip to Sturgis

Since I began riding motorcycles (at age 45) I  have heard that every "self-respecting" biker needs to make a pilgrimage to Sturgis (the grandaddy of all biker rallys) at least once.  I saw specials on television about this biker Mecca, heard stories from others that had made the trek, and saw pictures online of the wild antics at the Buffalo Chip camp ground and wondered what was so magical and important about this particular area at this specific time of year. Through my research I learned about some of the available tourist attractions like Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Monument, and historic locations like Deadwood where Buffalo Bill was shot in the back playing poker in a saloon. These things alone can make traveling to South Dakota a worthwhile endeavor but could not alone justify the the zealous hordes that make the annual migration like so many lemmings to the otherwise sleepy little town of Sturgis, South Dakota.

Well, this year (2009) I finally joined the throng and will over my next several posts attempt to relay my own experiences and feelings, looking back as a new veteran of this seemingly required journey for bikers everywhere. I have several photos and videos that I will be culling and editing to help you readers get a riders view of this adventure. Hope you enjoy the trip.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bring it on, dude! We live through your FAR-flung antics.

Eduardo Chicago the K-1200R Sporter